Wood Art by John Black

Wood Art by John Black

Lidded Boxes with Wooden Bows

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Wood Art

For me, Wood Art encompasses those pieces that do not fall into the Segmentation or Intarsia categories. They include: jewelry boxes, candle boxes, wooden cars and puzzles.

Some of my favorite pieces include the use of Trompe l’Oeil, the French phrase meaning "to fool the eye." Trompe l'Oeil  has always intrigued me while also appealing to my sense of humor. How does that piece of wood curve and bend? Does this item really open? That sense of wonder coupled with learning and perfecting new techniques, always keep me searching for a new project – and getting to buy new tools is always a plus!

Copyright 2013. Wood Art by John Black. All rights reserved. 


Check with me for custom box sizes.  Other wood selections may be available.

I'd like to thank Ken Marble for the Trompe l'Oeil wooden bow technique that I have used for these boxes.